is an universal trading platform for connecting the supplier and consumer of any goods and services!
Europe-based marketplace for secure work around the world. A solution for those who scale their business and enter new markets.

With Uniplat, you should not be afraid of new regions and markets. Benefit from our competence and expertise.
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Are you looking for suppliers of raw materials from regions of origin? We will select the best conditions for you and arrange logistics.

Are you interested in original packaging and packaging? We will help you with the shape and design, find the manufacturer and organize the process.
Are you an engineering company looking for hardwares for your product? Uniplat will help you with layout and integration. Build and control the schedule of deliveries and settlements.

You need equipment of any type for your own production or sale as part of a complete line. Trust Uniplat and let us take over the stages of search, approval and delivery!
Are you looking for an experienced but not expensive development team for your product? Now you do not care about the region in which they are located, Uniplat will help you find and establish contact, prepare a technical task and take care of the calculations.

Do you like a particular solution or software but don't know where to start? Uniplat will help you prepare a license agreement, localize and refine the product for specific markets, and accompany the project at all stages.
A wide selection of the most modern medical equipment, spare parts and accessories for it. Medical reagents, tests and medicines. The geography of supplies covers Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Uniplat cooperates with manufacturers of the latest smart medical equipment, will help with installation and integration with existing systems.
Medical Products
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Experienced team with expertise:
In international trade
Banking operations in dozens of countries
Working with medical equipment
Work in the IT sector
With metalworking equipment
Trade in food products around the world
Unknown market
Difficulties in translation
Differences in mentality and culture
Various banking and payment systems
Lack of experience in international relations
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